Black Halloween

RJ Temple hosted the "Black Halloween" panel presented by Midsummer Scream partnered with Creative Quest Foundation.

Midsummer Scream presents a talk moderated by Creative Quest Foundation's RJ Temple with a variety of perspectives on making Halloween events and attractions more inclusive, from casting and hiring to creative decisions.

The Creative Quest Foundation was established to bring awareness to the importance of diversity and inclusion in themed entertainment and take action against the racial and bias agenda that hinders that goal from being achieved.

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Speaker bios:

RJ Temple (Creative Quest Foundation):

CQF was created by RJ Temple, the CEO of The UpBeat Imagination Workshop Inc based in Orlando, FL. TUIW is one of the few corporations in the country focused on Themed Entertainment owned by an African-American. He is a music graduate from Georgia Southern University and Berklee College of Music.

With a career in themed entertainment stretching over 20 years, RJ has released award winning content for multiple platforms of media as a Composer, Show Director, Writer, and Puppet Specialist. He has a strong career developing original content for Nickelodeon, Walt Disney Company, and Universal Creative.

Michelle Halloween:

Michelle Halloween is a Halloween/horror blogger and personality in Southern California. Also as aspiring writer Michelle can be found exploring SoCal’s largest events as well as the more obscure for inspiration. As a bi-racial, body positive Mummy Michelle finds creative ways to share her love for Samhain while using her platform to spread knowledge, call in and out for BIPOC, Latinx and ,LGBTQ+ .

Willie May:

Has been working in the entertainment industry for over 16 years. Willie performed in over 50 productions and over 20 productions in events on the creative side, including haunted attractions such as various haunts such as Mind Terrors, Vampire Vic, Haunted Stadium, Hard Rock Halloween, WEHO Halloween, Blumhouse of Horrors, Purge Fear the Night, Rob Zombie Great American Nightmare, and Hellevator.

Skye LaFontaine:

Was born into a showbiz family in Los Angeles and hit the ground running by the age of 5. She developed a love of all things horror early on, and has loved working as a professional scareactor for the last 8 years. You may have seen her pop up at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, or with the immersive theater company, Delusion.

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