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UpBeat Imagination Workshop 


    RJ Temple is a Themed Entertainment Specialist from Orlando, FL. For over 25 years, RJ has dedicated his life’s work to make ideas into reality through inventive interactive design, team leadership, music, and creative content. He is known by his peers to be a "ghost producer", able to create and manage unforgettable spectaculars for very diverse platforms of entertainment. As a Creative Director, RJ has developed 12 stage plays, over 50 original characters, released two books, and numerous soundtracks for The UpBeat Imagination Workshop. 


   RJ began his creative journey in his hometown of Savannah GA. where the original "RJ & The UpBeats" series formed. The shows sparked a wide interest in RJ’s work landing him tours through the Georgia Board of Education, features in regional festivals, and alike across the nation and abroad. RJ’s signature way of developing a story around puppets influenced by urban music is the key foundation of what makes now called "Jerry & The UpBeats" unique. To this day, the UpBeats can be streamed on all digital music and social media platforms.   


   Moving to Orlando in 2014, RJ was brought on to be a Disney Muppeteer and Trainer for The Walt Disney Company. Along the way, RJ has done writing and production for other major companies such as Nickelodeon, Historic Tours of America, and Universal Studios. 

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