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About Us

The Upbeat Imagination Workshop Inc. is an innovative mass media and entertainment company based in Orlando Florida . From interactive media design to live themed spectaculars, TUIW is leading the way to bring a new age of creative experiences for the whole family to enjoy.


City of Hoops


Short Film

Sound Design

Dr.T: Lastology



Animation, Sound Design

 OBF Kids


Character IP






Prohibtion Museum

Sound Design, Voice Over Casting


The most groundbreaking and innovative show to date from TUIW has begun testing show elements for the new urban music celebration, LIVE! in Concert. Check out more from the show at


                                                             Content Provider for

Interactive & Themed Entertainment 

Sound Design & Music Composition

Building audio assets for themed entertainment is what we live for. We provide award winning content for various platforms of media such as themed attractions, interactive apps, games, film, television, and radio. Check out our Portfolio for more details.

Old Records
Concert Hall

Theme Parks and Theatrical Experiences

The Upbeat Imagination Workshop Inc. have developed over a dozen different theatrical presentations and developed original content for themed attractions. Along with character specialists, animators, casting directors, choreographers,  show writers, project coordinators, and show media designers, TUIW can provide you the tools you need to bring your next show or attraction idea to life. I got to admit, we come up with some pretty cool ideas. Check out our Portfolio for more details.

Original Shows That Are Pretty Cool

TUIW offers some amazing spectaculars for the whole family to enjoy. Check out our Roster of Live Shows that we are sure you will love.



Founder & Themed Entertainment Specialist

I'm a technical and creative leader able to make ideas into reality through inventive interactive design, team leadership, and content creation. I am known by my peers to be a "ghost producer", able to create and manage unforgettable spectaculars for very diverse platforms of entertainment. I have a long-standing commitment to artistic excellence, dependability, and technical creativity. I'm looking forward to speaking with you about your upcoming project.


Orlando FL United States


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