character render on the left with two blue pencil sketches of the same character on the right side of the page
image of a black car from the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah, Georgia
vibrant image of animated six characters performing on a concert stage
cover art for "Jerry said, 'There's a Monster Under My Bed!'" by RJ Temple illustrated by Sandip Debnath. Jerry illustrated character on his bed, lifting the sheets with a monster hidden in the dark with only two eyes visible in the darkness under the bed.

Concept Design & Project Development

The Upbeat Imagination Workshop thrives on bringing our client's projects from thoughts to reality. We focus on tying the story to the audience all while ensuring design integrity. TUIW can help you develop your project at all levels!

Live Shows & Attractions

The Upbeat Imagination Workshop has developed over a dozen different theatrical presentations and developed original content for themed attractions. Along with character specialists, animators, casting directors, choreographers,  show writers, project coordinators, and show media designers, TUIW can provide you the tools you need to bring your next show or attraction idea to life.

Sound Design & Music Composition

Building audio assets for themed entertainment is what we live for. We provide award winning content for various platforms of media such as themed attractions, interactive apps, games, film, television, and radio.

Animation & Print Content

Bring your characters stories out of the sketchbook and into the lives of your audience. The Upbeat Imagination Workshop will help you take your stories into the dimension of your choice! Stories and characters we have worked on have existed in comic books, illustrated children's stories, 3D animated educational series, and 2D animated music videos!



Chuck E. Cheese

Get Down Around The World


image from american prohibiton museum exhibit in Savannah, Georgia

American Prohibition Museum

Immersive Walkthrough

Sound Design & Voice Over Casting


Disney Dreamers Academy

Virtual Program

Creative Direction